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Maura Alexander & Linda Dowd 

A Voice for All Pine Lakes Homeowners in Tallahasee

The Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida, Inc., (FMO) is a statewide, consumer advocacy association dedicated to enriching the lifestyles of manufactured home owners by protecting the rights and interests of all types of manufactured home owners—both those that own their home and land, and those that rent land.

Every year, FMO members submit suggestions for legislative action; the Board of Directors reviews these suggestions and decides what FMO's legislative priorities will be for the next year. Then we marshal our resources to push for the suggestion to become law.

FMO dues pay for a lobbyist in Tallahassee who educates your representatives about FMO’s proposed Bills. The lobbyist is also our “Watchdog” at the legislature and notifies FMO of Bills being introduced that are detrimental to manufactured home owners or a protection for our lifestyle. It’s important to all of us that we be heard. This requires numbers! Please join the FMO so our voice—and yours—can be heard in Tallahassee.




Help protect your rights—

your community

FMO has saved you thousands of dollars, help them save you thousands more—for just $25 add your voice to your neighbors at Pine Lakes and across the state. Help FMO be heard—become a member!


For membership applications please call:

Maura Alexander 239-543-9642 or
Linda Dowd 239-789-6626

Or, follow this link to the FMO Membership Application webpage and join online!


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Your leased-land manufactured home is not your "home" until you declare residence in Florida.

Directions for the "Declaration of Domicile" to declare your are a Florida resident and save your home from creditors:

  • web address:;  click on I Want To …; 

  • Scroll down to Get and click on Forms;

  • scroll all the way down and click on Official Records;

  • under Official Records click on Declaration of Domicile (the directions are on page 1; the form is on page 2



January 2020


Join the FMO because the FMO has defeated many disasters that awaited you in the shadows and is working to prevent more!

The FMO:

  • Defeated a bill requiring fees for bingo in our community;

  • Helped pass a bill giving us the right to conduct bingo;

  • Helped pass legislation to require citizens insurance to cover your lanai, garage, or other attachments to your home;

  • Helped defeat a bill to tax your lot rental fee;

  • Defeated a bill to tax leased property homes as real property;

  • Employs a full-time lobbyist to represent you in Tallahassee;

  • Retains legal counsel to support the rights of manufactured home owners;

  • Needs you to give FMO the political strength to protect our rights under Florida Statute Chapter 723!

January 2020

Legislation affecting our parks, our subdivisions, our homes and our lives here in Florida is tracked by FMO. We focus primarily on that dealing with manufactured housing but, along with our partners, also track matters related to many issues that ultimately affect our members.


  • Legislation affecting our homes and our lives here in Florida is tracked by the FMO. We focus primarily on that dealing with manufactured housing but, along with our partners, also track matters related to many issues that ultimately affect our members. Here’s an update on the status of the latest bills in Tallahassee that affect our members. 

  • Bills SB818 and SB998—although both bills were passed through committees it was after the sponsors of both SB818 and SB998 informed the committees their intention to bring the parties together and work on a compromise bill.

  • Your contacts with the Committee members was noted and they were impressed with your knowledge and courtesy. It raised enough concern that the sponsors believed they had to do further work. There is no need at this point to continue to contact these Legislators until we go through the negotiating process.

  • Although Senator Hooper sponsored the FMHA bill he committed both publicly and privately to bringing the parties together to create a better bill. Frankly speaking, without this effort on his part this bill would go through and become law. The influence FMHA has in Tallahassee has been underestimated by us all.

  • Our bill SB1022 currently has no traction and chances of it advancing this year appear unlikely. We are novices in the Political arena. The Republican Senate does not endorse binding arbitration. Nancy has approached them all and only Senator Rouson, a Democrat was willing to sponsor us.


You must understand our position in this process. Essentially we must negotiate or let the bill go through as written. We have already put together our wants to Senator Hooper.

Thank you for all your efforts and we will keep you up to date as things happen.

Nancy Stewart, Jesse James and Jerry Durham


Maura Alexander

Linda Dowd


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