"On behalf of the Beautification Committee

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Your Directors

Members of the committee are responsible for the seasonal decorating of the community, ie. front entrance, clubhouse, pool and other common areas.   The residents appreciate their contribution in making the community look great !!!


Linda Baker                            517-202-6219

Phyllis Fulwider                     720-415-4263

Becky Gloss                           330-524-5583

Bev Thoreson                        919-303-2666

Beautification Announcements

Welcome to Fall in Pine Lakes:

Here are some updates to our committee’s schedule for the rest of 2020:

Unfortunately, we need to cancel the October 26th Social that was planned.  Covid19 still is limiting the calendar of events here in Pine Lakes and we feel it safest to reschedule this event for a later date.

The Christmas treasures sale that was to be held following breakfast on November 7th has had some changes as well.  Because there will be no breakfast in the clubhouse on that day, we planned a new type of sale.  This year’s Christmas items sales will be held in the storage lot near the Beautification shed, for residents of Pine Lakes.  We are doing two sales in this manner:

The first Sale will be held on Thursday, November 5 beginning at 10:00 am.  All of the Christmas items that have been donated will be up for sale, first come, first serve so mark your calendars for that date and time.  Bargains are sure to be found!

The Second Sale will be held on Friday, November 20th, starting at 10:00 am at the storage lot.  This sale will contain items from our inventory that we no longer plan to use and any additional items that have been donated. More bargain hunting time!

These sales will generate funds for our committee’s decorating, so please plan to support them.  We would also encourage committees/groups here in Pine Lakes, to discuss contributing funds for our committee’s decorating efforts.   With all the changes, permanent or just temporary, that have taken place in the last several months, we know that Christmas decorating will help to bring a bit of normal to our worlds. 

For both sales, masks will be required.

The Beautification Committee:


  • THURSDAY, DEC. 17TH 5 TO 8:00 PM

  • All Covid 19 Precautions Are In Effect!

  • Please keep 6 foot distance and bring masks!

  • There will NOT be a gathering at the Club House this year after the Parade due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Christmas Sale Donations

Even with temperatures in the 90’s the committee is thinking about Christmas. We are reminding all residents that we are planning a Christmas Treasure Sale, set for November 7th following the pancake breakfast.  If you’ve been cleaning closets or storage and found Christmas items you’re no longer using and would like to donate, please contact Becky Gloss (330-524-5583) or Bev Thoreson (919-303-2666) to arrange a time/place to drop off those treasures.

We appreciate all of your support and look forward to a happy, healthy season for all of us.  Stay safe.

Christmas decorating:

The Beautification Committee will begin decorating for Christmas on Tuesday, November 17th starting at 10 am in the clubhouse. Pine Lakes always looks so festive for the holidays and this year will be no exception!  With safety and social distancing in mind we will be limiting the number of volunteers in the clubhouse.  Please let any of the committee members know of your interest to decorate.

Your Beautification Committee,


Linda Baker 

517 - 202 - 6219

Phyllis Fulwider  

720 - 415 - 4263

Becky Gloss 

330 - 524 - 5583

Bev Thoreson 

919 - 303 - 2666

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