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Pine Lakes Community Rules

Respect for Others is Our Basic Rule

A good community, like Pine Lakes, is a cohesive, safe and happy place. It provides a high quality of life for everyone that lives here. It values and promotes open, participatory 

development processes. Our rules bind all of us living in the community. Our community rules like our laws protect our general safety, and ensure our rights as residents against abuses by other people and by organizations—they are for the good of the Pine Lakes community.  Therefore, it is important that our rules and regulations are adhered to and respected by all Pine Lakes residents.

General Rules


February 10, 2020 Annual Membership Meeting Clubhouse 7 pm

  • Speed Limit for ALL vehicles is limited to 20 miles per hour.

  • Honor ALL stop signs—golfers and motorists both.

  • Bicycles are to be adequately equipped with a light if used at night.

  • Diapers or swim diapers (baby or adult) are not allowed in the pool, and children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the Hot Tub.

  • Golf cart trails are for paid trail sticker members only.

  • Walkers must avoid all golf trail paths. Golf cart trails are for golf carts only. Walkers on the roads must walk facing traffic.

  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to drive golf carts.

  • Home owners and renters are to notify the guard at the gatehouse if they are expecting visitors, guests, maintenance repair people or others requesting admittance to Pine Lakes, otherwise they will be refused admittance.

  • Owners and renters are responsible for cleaning up after their dog. Dogs are to be walked on the perimeter road only and not in the cul-de-sacs or common areas, and must be leashed at all times.

  • Owners and renters are to park in designated areas only.

  • Children 16 or younger are allowed use of most facilities but must be accompanied by an adult. (expect the Hot Tub as noted above)

  • Members of the public who come to play golf or visit the Pub are not extended the use of other Pine Lakes facilities (pool etc.).

As always, respect for others is our basic rule.

Rules and Regulations


Approved by the Florida DBPR—Effective May 1, 2019

Pool Access


Access to Community Swimming Pool

  • All gates to the Pine Lakes pool area are locked and require a key for access. Residents’ keys will only fit the gates at the Pine Lakes pool.

  • Pool gates are locked after hours by the security staff, NO ACCESS

  • Each homeowner is issued one (1) free key. A 2nd key will be available for $25.00. Lost keys will be replaced at a cost of $50.00. Everyone is asked to produce an I.D. and to sign a form which becomes part of the permanent home’s owner file.

  • Members of the public who come to play golf or visit the Pub are not extended the use of Pine Lakes’ pool. Do not provide admittance to anyone who doesn’t have a key.

Pool Access FAQs


We hope this information will help clarify any questions that you may have about pool access.

  • What happens when the pool is closed?

Lake Fairways’ pool will be unlocked with signs posted at both pools notifying residents of the situation.

  • What about my guests using the pool?

Remember you are responsible for the key issued to your residence. When you have guests you must accompany them.

  • I rent my house out?

You are responsible for your guests and your pool key. We are not going to issue them another key.

  • What happens when new home owners arrive on the weekend and can’t get a pool key?

Gate personnel will have a limited supply of keys and the same procedure will be followed as during the week. They will not sell extra keys or replace lost keys.

  • How does the key work in the gate?

The key must be used to enter and exit the pool.

  • I have friends outside Pine Lakes who come to my pool.

Invite them over and let them in. They are your guests and you are responsible for their conduct.

  • What happens if I sell my house?

You are responsible for the transfer of the key to a new owner.

  • What happens if I loan my key to someone, anyone?

You as a home owner are responsible for their conduct.

  • How do I know which pool key is mine?

Please use a key tag of some kind to keep track of your key.

Pool Rules


  1. This is a private pool with admittance by key only. It is for the use of Pine Lakes Community residents only. Anyone using this facility without authorization is subject to arrest for trespassing. Pool hours are dawn to dusk.

  2. No lifeguard is on duty at this pool. Users of this pool do so at their own risk. Pine Lakes will not be responsible for any accidents or injury in or around the pool. Use of the pool indicates acceptance of these conditions.

  3. Children under 16 may not use the pool except in the presence and subject to the supervision of an adult (defined as someone who is 18 years old or older and is the parent or legal guardian, a relative, or baby-sitter), and it is recommended that adults should not swim alone. Unsupervised children will be required to leave the pool area.

  4. Residents must accompany their guests.

  5. Parties or groups of adults or children, other than residents, may not use the pool.

  6. Glass containers are not permitted in or around the pool. If broken glass is found in the pool, the pool must be closed, drained, cleaned, and refilled. These costs will be charged to the homeowner.

  7. Trash and refuse must be placed in the proper receptacles. No trash or debris is to be thrown in the pool.

  8. Cut-off clothing with unfinished hems is prohibited. Loose threads clog the filter/pump.

  9. If eight people or more are in the pool, floats, rafts or other toys are prohibited.

  10. Running, shoving, and other forms of horseplay are prohibited in or around the pool.

  11. Only battery-operated radios, CD players, etc. may be used at the pool. They must be played at a reasonably soft level so as not to disturb others in the pool area. Please be considerate.

  12. No one may tamper with or remove any pool equipment or furniture.

  13. No pets are allowed inside the pool fence.

  14. Violation of these rules may result in loss of privileges to use this facility for up to twelve months by order of the Board of Directors.

  15. One key is issued per household. Keys are non-duplicating (individuals cannot have copies made). Replacement keys are $50 each.

Revisions to gate policy


DAY PASS: The resident must call the gate each day that a visitor comes to visit. A colored pass is issued specific to the day.

GUEST PASS: Issued for periods of two (2) days to twenty-eight (28) days. The resident must request the pass prior to the visitors arrival. Specifics such as residents name and lot number, guest name, dates of visit, description of car must be given.

AMENITIES PASS: Given at the gate by our employee. Issued for admission to play golf, participate in tennis event, visit the Club House for an event (example-craft show) or visit the restaurant.

FREQUENT VISITOR PASS: Given to a guest who has been approved by background investigation. Requested by a resident. This pass will now be for twelve (12) months with a new background check every five (5) years. Pass will now consist of a regular vehicle sticker.

PERMITTED OCCUPANT: Issued to a person who will reside in an owner’s home as a guest. Background check required every five (5) years. Pass will now consist of a regular vehicle sticker.

TWELVE MONTH RENTER: Issued a regular vehicle sticker.

SHORT TERM RENTER: Issued a pass with specific dates listed.

CONTRACTOR PASS: Frequent visiting vendors are encouraged to obtain a contractor pass good for one (1) year. These are issued by the Pine Lakes office.

VENDORS: The resident must contact the gate on all vendors coming to their house.

HEALTH CARE WORKER: Handled at the gate on a case by case basis. Residents are encouraged to notify the gate when they expect a visit.

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