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Ron Thoreson


A voice for all Pine Lakes homeowners


Fall 2021 Greetings! 


Especially to the over 130 new manufactured homeowners in Pine Lakes since just before the start of Covid.  And welcome back snowbirds and Canadians who will be able to travel here in November.


I am Ron Thoreson, your Federation of Manufactured Homeowners Association (FMO) Park Representative. 


Those of you who are new (and those who have been here a while) do you want information on what is happening in Pine Lakes?  


While our community monthly newsletter Whispering Pines provides a lot of information, I encourage all to take time to go to the Saturday Morning coffee social meetings at the Club House.  It starts around 7:30 and there are updates of what is happening all around our community and tickets for events, information of organizations and drawings for prizes.  


On The first Saturday of the month the Mens Club puts on a pancake eggs and sausage breakfast.  You will learn a lot of what goes on in and around our Paradise of a retirement community and meet your neighbors!

Attached here is a fall FMO newsletter.  Pine Lakes has many FMO members, currently 454, out of 866 homes in Pine Lakes (and thanks to the 32 new members who joined this year!) so this newsletter is geared to those who have recently joined our community.


Again Welcome! (back in many cases too!)


I, as your FMO Park Rep., am committed to being a messenger, providing timely information for your review, on updates surrounding Pine Lakes as such becomes available.


Watch this space!


12 NOVEMBER 2021

o   The Mobile Home Tie-Down Program bill has been filed in the Senate Here is the link:  Senate Bill 578:  https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2022/578/BillText/Filed/PDF

o   This bill changes the registration renewal date for a mobile/manufactured home to the birthday month of the owner.  Here is the link:  House Bill 223:  https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2022/223/BillText/Filed/PDF

o   This bill reduces the amount of sales tax owed for the purchase of a mobile/manufactured home.  Here is the link:  House Bill 509:  https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2022/509/BillText/Filed/PDF

01 May 2021 

The 2021 Regular Session ended on schedule on Friday, April 30th! The Legislature will return to Tallahassee for a Special Session on gaming on May 17th. At this writing the official call for a Special Session has not been given so there may be other matters included besides gaming. For all of you who wrote and called your legislators to extend the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program, your efforts are appreciated and FMO sends a huge THANK YOU!!


01 April 2021

Dear FMO Members,

Our situation has changed in Tallahassee and the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program is at risk.

The attached Watchdog explains the BACKGROUND and needed ACTION ASAP!

Budget negotiations start next week and we will keep you updated.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Jesse James

Chair, FMO Political Advocacy Committee

24th March 2021

Dear FMO Members,

FMO needs immediate activity into several legislators.

The House and Senate are beginning budget negotiations and many other bills get lost in the process.

HB 423 and SB 168 are in their respective Appropriations Committees and we need to get them on the agenda for consideration.

Please help with outreach as you have already done. 

(Click on WATCHDOG attachment)

Jesse James

Chair, FMO Political Advocacy Committee

18 March 2021

FMO Members,

The attached Watchdog is an Update for your information.

No Action is Needed by FMO Members!

Jesse James

Chair, FMO Political Advocacy Committee

February 2021

FMO Members,

House Bill 423 to extend the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program has been assigned to FOUR House Committees.

The attached Watchdog provides the contact information for the first.  It is also important for the House Speaker to know about your support for the bill.

I want to thank you in advance for your help!  

Jesse James

Chair, FMO Political Advocacy Committee



20th February 2021

Greetings Pine Lakes Homeowners.

As your new Federation of Manufactured Homeowners (FMO) representative, I, Ron Thoreson am determined to make it my goal to keep you informed of any and all issues you, as a manufactured home owner may need to know about. One way is to post on this website current issues surrounding FMO

For those of you who are members, I and FMO thank you.  For those who are not, I strongly encourage you to join with your neighbors in support of FMO as one of your manufactured homeowner’s advocacy, action and protection organizations. 

To learn more about FMO and to join, simply go to www.FMO.org and fill out the new members form.  FMO works for YOU, the manufactured home owner!   You can also contact me at the information below to join.

Currently, FMO has 1 statewide “Watchdog” alert and locally, in Pine Lakes, by the HOA with consulting from FMO, 1 notice has been placed in the mail tubes around ALL our development, and another one (now revised to include both HOA meetings) has been placed around the Leased Land properties of Pine Lakes.

These 3 items are attached to this notification and for your information.

To access  the three attachments click on your choice of documents:

1,  FMO Watchdog current issue

2.  Pine Lakes Notification

3.  Pine Lakes Revised Meeting Notification

For more information, contact me.


Thank you for your time.

As Always and Sincerely I am,


Ron Thoreson                                           

Pine Lakes Federation of Manufactured Homeowners Representative

19521 Ravines Court  #35 D

North Fort Myers, Florida 33903




Please remember:  Without your support, there wouldn't be an FMO. 

Dues are only $25 annually - a mere $.48 cents per week.  For your $25, you have a lobbyist in Tallahassee, thousands of fellow mobile/manufactured home owners who watch out for each other, people who will train, advise, and supply your HOA with the many forms and information it needs to operate your park.

For your $25, you get the FMO News, the official member magazine of the FMO, six (6) times each year. Inside you find out about what is going on across the state that may affect you. For your $25, you have people who watch for changes in legislation that can hurt or help you. In short, for your $25 you have a whole organization of people who work behind the scenes to preserve your lifestyle. If the dues were $50 or even $75 a year, the FMO would still be a bargain.

Please consider joining the FMO so it can continue the great work it's doing for you!

To Join, go to www.fmo.org and click on the link on the left under the header of “Member Area Login” that says, Not a member yet? Click here to join.

If you prefer to fill out a paper application, Contact: Ron Thoreson, 19521 Ravines Court #35D Phone: 919 306 1700 E-mail: ron@ronthoreson.com  I will get you a paper application.  Fill it out, make a check payable to FMO for $25.00, or fill out the Credit Card Info on the Membership Application and either mail it to the address on the Membership Application or drop it off at my address in the box on the front porch marked FMO.  NOTE:  On the application where it says Recruiter Name, please put Maura Alexanders name.  A contest for the most new memberships continues through 2021 due to Covid 19.  If Maura wins, all will be donated to our Pine Lakes Membership.



Help protect your rights—

your community

FMO has saved you thousands of dollars, help them save you thousands more—for just $25 add your voice to your neighbors at Pine Lakes and across the state. Help FMO be heard—become a member!


For membership applications please call:

Ron Thoreson,

19521 Ravines Court #35D

Phone: 919 306 1700

E-mail: ron@ronthoreson.com 

Or, follow this link to the FMO Membership Application webpage and join online!


Emails are monitored daily and you can expect a response within 24 hours. Thank you for your submission.

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