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07 March 2023 

The January/February FMO Magazine is available.


31 January 2023 

The January 2023 Issue of FMO Magazine is here


The FMO Homeowner's Association Manual is available


03 November  2022 The November-December Issue of FMO Magazine is here CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DETAILS



24 October 2022 District President and Park Representative October 2022 Newsletter  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DETAILS


12 October 2022  2022 News letter end September   CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DETAILS

11 October 2022 Disaster Food Assistance & First Blue Roof Installation Complete, Getting Floridians Back into Their Homes While Repairs Are Made  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DETAILS

08 October 2022  Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Updates on Hurricane Ian Recovery CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DETAILSState of Florida Announces Transitional Sheltering Program for Residents Impacted by Hurricane Ian CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DETAILS


07 October 2022 - Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Ian. As clean up and assessments continue to come in, please email if your park or neighboring park has been affected and to what extent. We have compiled a number of resources CLICK HERE TO ACCESS WEBSITE


Link to Over Head view of hurricane damage. Can be expanded or reduced to over our homes CLICK HERE TO ACCE


05 July 2022 - FMO continues to progress and work on numerus initiatives.  To stay up to date you can read the Monthly editions of the FMO Magazine.





20 December 2023 -

*** ACTION NEEDED for House of Representatives—2024 Legislation ***




House Bill 613, (Representative Paula Stark, parts of Orange & Osceola), has been filed and referred to the House Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Subcommittee first.  Here is the link to the entire bill and some of the explanation that you may use as you Take Action to request support for this very important bill:



08 March  2023 -

House Bill 751, (Representative Paula Stark, Kissimmee), has been filed and referred to the House Civil Justice Subcommittee, Ways & Means, and Commerce Committee.  Here is the link to the entire bill and some of the explanation that you may use as you Take Action to request support for this very important bill: 


13 February 2023 -

FMO Legislation for 2023

During the past month, FMO has been working with Representative Paula Stark (Kissimmee) and her team to develop legislation that would bring some important changes to manufactured and mobile home owners.  She has filed her legislation and House Bill 751 it can be found here:


12 January 2023 -

Local Housing Initiatives for Repair, Replacement, and Relocation for Manufactured Homes Following Hurricanes

As you know, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development does not consider manufactured homes within their definition of affordable housing.


11 January 2023 -

Local Housing Initiatives for Repair, Replacement, and Relocation for Manufactured Homes Following Hurricanes

As you know, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development does not consider manufactured homes within their definition of affordable housing.


06 May 2022 -

We need to collect some real data on our insurance. The legislature is going to hold a Special Session this month. Our members have expressed all kinds of disturbing events – huge increases, dropped coverage – but we need to get real numbers. All of Florida is affected by this ...........




27 APRIL 2022 -

As we approach Florida’s most stormy season of the year, many FMO members have already struggled with the consequences of home damage due to several high wind events. It may be helpful to have information at your fingertips to assist with Energy Assistance and Relief and Weatherization Assistance


04 APRIL 2022 - Update Tie Down Program - CLICK HERE

10 MARCH 2022 - Tie Down Legislation - Budget Increase - CLICK HERE 

March 4, 2022


Good News today!! And, a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who helped make this happen by contacting Legislators over the last two months! You know who you are…so please realize that FMO does have PEOPLE POWER!


Today the Legislature took final action on CS/CS/HB 837 and passed the bill 37-0. Earlier this week the House passed this bill 117-0! The bill extends our Program for 10 years.


 Our Senate bill sponsor, Senator Ed Hooper, (Palm Harbor), filed CS/CS/CS/SB 578 and worked it through all three Committees. After action in the final Committee Monday night, (2/28), there was a small delay while the amendment was incorporated into the body of the bill. The Senate Bill was placed on the Special Order Calendar for floor action today.


 In the meantime, the House Bill by Representative Matt Willhite, (Wellington), had passed through the final Committee last week and was placed on House Special Order Calendar Tuesday, (3/1). There were no changes and the HB was considered for House final passage on Wednesday.


 There were procedural activities which concluded with this morning’s Senate vote.


 At this writing there is still hope that some additional, one-time, funding will be put in the budget and applied to the more than 44,000 homes on the wait list.


The Mobile Home Tie-Down Program will be administered by Gulf Coast State College beginning July 1. Tallahassee Community College has assured me that the transfer will be as smooth as possible. They want to continue to be supportive of the Program in this way. As soon as possible after the budget is finalized, FMO will reach out to TCC to offer outreach and assistance.


The FMO was truly the primary (read that, “only”) push behind this bill to get it through the legislative process. The Program has assisted so many home owners and will continue to do so. Next stop is the Governor’s desk and I spoke to his Office of Policy and Budget earlier today. FMO President Ron Grove gave the Governor’s Office some feedback. Stay tuned…FMO is working for you!

                                                                                               Respectfully submitted,



Nancy Stewart

FMO Legislative Counsel   


News!  March 4, 2022:

The Legislature has passed the bill to extend the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program until June 30, 2032.

The Governor will receive this when the Legislature sends it to him for his action.  He will not veto this bill! He may sign it or let it become law without his signature.

01 March 2022 - 

Please Note: This is sent with permission of the Governor’s Press Office inasmuch as there have been no changes or edits. Even though the information below may apply to members living in Charlotte or Lee counties, it is important for FMO members throughout Florida to realize the Division of Emergency Management has an extensive infrastructure prepared to assist with these kinds of emergencies. Thank you.]   

CLICK  HERE for more details

February 10, 2022


A BIG thanks to all of you who wrote and called Legislators to support the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program! Senate Bill 578 is out of two committees with one more to go. HB 837 is out of one committee, trying for next agenda on Wednesday, and then one more. Now, we are ready for the next phase!


Yesterday the Appropriations Committees for the House and Senate met to consider their respective budgets. The Senate proposed additional one-time funding dedicated to address the back-log of homes on the Wait List for the Program. The House position will move the Program administration to Gulf Coast State College and that language is found in the budget spending authority as well as in HB 837. We will work with whomever the Legislature decides should do this Program!


It is important to reach out to the House members listed below who will be participating in the Conference Committee which is charged to hammer out budget differences, and ours in particular. We need the House to go to the Senate position on additional funding. The second point to emphasize is support for HB 837 which extends the Program for 10 years. (CS/CS/SB 578 continues to provide for the 10 year extension!)


The message is simple:


  •  Please support the Senate position to dedicate additional funding to the Wait List for the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program. Any additional funding is appreciated!

  • Please support CS/HB 837 which extends the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program for 10 years.

  • And, thank them for their time and attention to protecting & strengthening our homes.


Rep. Trumbull  Panama City   850-717-5006

Rep. McClure  Plant City   850-717-5058

Rep. Williamson   Pace    850-717-5003

Rep. Bell Ft. Meade           850-717-5056

Rep. Burton  Lakeland   850-717-5040

Rep. Chaney  St. Petersburg    850-717-5069

Rep. Diamond   St. Petersburg    850-717-5068

Rep. Driskell    Tampa      850-717-5063

Rep. Fine   Palm Bay      850-717-5053

Rep. Grall  Vero Beach     850-717-5054

Rep. Harding       Ocala   850-717-5022

Rep. Hart         Tampa    850-717-5061

Rep. Ingoglia     Spring Hill    850-717-5035

Rep. Latvala     Clearwater   850-717-5067

Rep. Leek   Daytona Beach     850-717-5025

Rep. Massullo  Beverly Hills   850-717-5034   

Rep. Persons-Mulicka Ft. Myers  850-717-5078

Rep. Plakon  Longwood     850-717-5029

Rep. Plasencia   Titusville        850-717-5050

Rep. Renner    Palm Coast    850-717-5024

Rep. Roth  Palm Beach Gardens     850-717-5085

Rep. Carlos Smith Winter Park     850-717-5049

Rep. Tomkow     Auburndale     850-717-5039


We are in the final 30 days of Session. They are working behind the scenes to see where the two budgets agree. Public meetings on budget differences will probably start by the end of next week. 


FMO has always had “People Power”! Now is the time to show that!  Please help!!


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Stewart

FMO Legislative Counsel

21 January 2022 - Action Needed for Mobile Home Tie-Down Program

Details - Click here

12 NOVEMBER 2021

o   The Mobile Home Tie-Down Program bill has been filed in the Senate Here is the link:  Senate Bill 578:

o   This bill changes the registration renewal date for a mobile/manufactured home to the birthday month of the owner.  Here is the link:  House Bill 223:

o   This bill reduces the amount of sales tax owed for the purchase of a mobile/manufactured home.  Here is the link:  House Bill 509:

01 May 2021 

The 2021 Regular Session ended on schedule on Friday, April 30th! The Legislature will return to Tallahassee for a Special Session on gaming on May 17th. At this writing the official call for a Special Session has not been given so there may be other matters included besides gaming. For all of you who wrote and called your legislators to extend the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program, your efforts are appreciated and FMO sends a huge THANK YOU!!


01 April 2021

Dear FMO Members,

Our situation has changed in Tallahassee and the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program is at risk.

The attached Watchdog explains the BACKGROUND and needed ACTION ASAP!

Budget negotiations start next week and we will keep you updated.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Jesse James

Chair, FMO Political Advocacy Committee

24th March 2021

Dear FMO Members,

FMO needs immediate activity into several legislators.

The House and Senate are beginning budget negotiations and many other bills get lost in the process.

HB 423 and SB 168 are in their respective Appropriations Committees and we need to get them on the agenda for consideration.

Please help with outreach as you have already done. 

(Click on WATCHDOG attachment)

Jesse James

Chair, FMO Political Advocacy Committee

18 March 2021

FMO Members,

The attached Watchdog is an Update for your information.

No Action is Needed by FMO Members!

Jesse James

Chair, FMO Political Advocacy Committee

February 2021

FMO Members,

House Bill 423 to extend the Mobile Home Tie-Down Program has been assigned to FOUR House Committees.

The attached Watchdog provides the contact information for the first.  It is also important for the House Speaker to know about your support for the bill.

I want to thank you in advance for your help!  

Jesse James

Chair, FMO Political Advocacy Committee


20th February 2021

Greetings Pine Lakes Homeowners.

As your new Federation of Manufactured Homeowners (FMO) representative, I, Ron Thoreson am determined to make it my goal to keep you informed of any and all issues you, as a manufactured home owner may need to know about. One way is to post on this website current issues surrounding FMO

For those of you who are members, I and FMO thank you.  For those who are not, I strongly encourage you to join with your neighbors in support of FMO as one of your manufactured homeowner’s advocacy, action and protection organizations. 

To learn more about FMO and to join, simply go to and fill out the new members form.  FMO works for YOU, the manufactured home owner!   You can also contact me at the information below to join.

Currently, FMO has 1 statewide “Watchdog” alert and locally, in Pine Lakes, by the HOA with consulting from FMO, 1 notice has been placed in the mail tubes around ALL our development, and another one (now revised to include both HOA meetings) has been placed around the Leased Land properties of Pine Lakes.

These 3 items are attached to this notification and for your information.

To access  the three attachments click on your choice of documents:

1,  FMO Watchdog current issue

2.  Pine Lakes Notification

3.  Pine Lakes Revised Meeting Notification

For more information, contact me.


Thank you for your time.

As Always and Sincerely I am,


Ron Thoreson                                           

Pine Lakes Federation of Manufactured Homeowners Representative

19521 Ravines Court  #35 D

North Fort Myers, Florida 33903



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