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"On behalf of the Fairways - Pine Lakes Pickleball Association welcome you to our web page."

Rick Saniti, President

Pickleball, with roots dating back to 1965, has now become the fastest growing sport in the North American Continent. Currently, the members of the Fairways-Pine Lakes Pickleball Association play Pickleball every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from approximately 8:00am to 11:00am. As our season progresses and more players return for the winter, we’ll fill in the gaps with various groupings and tournaments. Anyone is welcome to play, just show up and we’ll get you started! Check the board at the courts for more information or give any of us a call.

What You Need to Know


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When teams are selected, the names will be entered and will be accessed at the following link:


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The 2020 - 2021  Fairways - Pine Lakes Pickleball League Calendar is under review.


It will contain signup dates, weekly matches, play off dates and other club information.

 Rick Saniti, President

Bob Howland,

Vice President

Lynda Hayter, Secretary

 Matt Heier,



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